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  • 02.20.14 - Scans of the new Code Geass calendar are out. Here's the one with Schneizel.

  • 02.01.14 - I keep forgetting to post this. More art for the Japanese Code Geass R2 Blu-ray box is out, and Schneizel is included this time. Just click the Blu-ray box button on the left of the website. Schneizel is drawn with Kanon, Anya, and Gino. The R2 Blu-ray box set is on sale in Japan next month.

  • 11.08.13 - A Code Geass Facebook page shared pictures from what I believe is the new Code Geass calendar, and one includes (a badly drawn) Schneizel with the Oz group. You can see it here.

  • 08.14.13 - I finally got a printer/scanner/copier, so I decided to share some low quality scans of Schneizel from the Code Geass Pass Animation File. This is the best I could get them while the pages are in the book. Even if I were to cut up my beautiful and expensive Code Geass books, I don't have a box cutter right now, or any way of keeping the pages safe after.

  • 01.23.13 - Here's a clip of the Japanese dub of ER, featuring the wonderful voice of Inoue Norihiro. And another. Still looking for a Star Trek Enterprise one.

    Another video! Here's Schneizel in the Code Geass Lost Colors game. He's in it more at the end than the beginning, at around 6 and 25:33 minutes in. More niisama near the end of this video.

  • 07.29.12 - Uploaded one more screencap that I forgot.

  • 07.27.12 - 17 Schneizel el Britannia and Kanon screencaps from Nunnally in Wonderland have been added. I've also uploaded a clip of Schneizel as the Red King in Nunnally in Wonderland. Schneizel's in the OVA for about 40 seconds.
    code geass nunnally in wonderland ova schneizel code geass nunnally in wonderland ova schneizel code geass nunnally in wonderland ova schneizel code geass nunnally in wonderland ova kanon

  • 04.09.12 - 47 icons added. So, making new codes for this fanlisting. And now I remember why I didn't make many when I first adopted this fl. I hate making codes because it's tedious and I feel the need to make as many different kinds with as many images as possible. Usually that's where the trouble ends, but Schneizel makes this 10x more difficult for me, not just because I have a lot of pictures of him, but because while very "photogenic" he does not resize well. No matter what picture I use when I resize it it just looks off somehow. I don't have this problem with any other pictures, but Schneizel always gives me trouble. I'm trying, but there probably won't be a lot of matching codes. Meaning a 100x50 code might not have a 50x50 version using the same picture. Blame Schneizel.

  • 04.08.12 - In a picture of stage!Lelouch and stage!Suzaku that @geass_stage tweeted, you can see an image of Schneizel from the series between their heads. Also, I finally found Schneizel in the Nunnally in Wonderland promo picture. You can't see him in the picture that's usually used, because that part is covered or cutoff, but you can see him here. I've circled him in green. He's the one at the bottom, upside down. I think Kanon is below him.

  • 04.05.12 - And here's the new layout. I'm actually using this for my Subeta profile (my un is Schneizel of course), but I liked it so much I decided to use it for the Schneizel fl too (and that's why the name changed), because it's rare I make layouts I really like. There are some changes, here's the original for comparison.

  • 04.04.12 - New layout coming tomorrow.

  • 03.28.12 - *cough* Clovis la Britannia fanlisting is online.

  • 02.14.12 - 1st anniversary. I just remembered the opening date of my adopted fanlisting is the same as one of Schneizel's birthdays! There's at least two versions, because they kept changing it, but this one's my favorite.

  • 02.14.11 - Adopted the Schneizel fanlisting from Mitzrael!
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